More dishonesty from the MOJ! They have today launched their consultation on new measures to bring down the number and cost of Whiplash Claims including speculative and fraudulent applications. This is because, they say, there has been a 60% rise in Personal Injury Claims since 2006, when according to the Department of Transport (DOT), the number of reported Road Traffic Accidents, have reduced from 189,000 to 151,000 in the same period! The trouble with that statistic is that the DOT gets its figures from the Police and the Police’s definition of an accident is one where emergency services attend and injury is reported at the scene. This means that about 80% of accidents which result in whiplash are not included in these statistics, not least, because a whiplash injury can take up to four days to manifest itself! The ABI claim that in 2011 there were 45,000 bogus dishonest motor insurance claims detected! This figure is nothing more than the ABI’s perception and is not the number of proven dishonest claims but again the MOJ are not prepared to look at the reality behind these figures!

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